What is in a Name?

What is in a Name?

NewModel_RGB Colour pos logo[2]Some of you may have seen the letter in the Hereford Times from respected columnist Mathew Engel criticising the choice of NMiTE as the name for the new University in Herefordshire.

The name was always going to be a challenge – not least because of the words we are not allowed to use – like University or Institute for example.

SOAS, KAUST, SUTD, SIT, LSE are just some examples from around the world of higher education institutions known by their initials.

When NMiTE was tested on our key target audience of 16-22
year olds, they immediately verbalised it by saying the individual letters rather than trying to form a word. Conversely, the over 50 cross-word generation went for a pronounceable word.

Rule 101 of naming is that it “says what it is on the tin.” It is a New Model. It will teach Technology and Engineering. The I is cunningly reserved for Institute when the law allows us to be one. Institute, University, Academy and College are all words controlled by law.

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