A close relationship with our local schools

At the New Model in Technology & Engineering (NMiTE) we believe that we have a responsibility to work with schools, teachers, students, and parents in our catchment area to help them learn about what a great career engineering can be.

Britain needs young men and women to seriously consider education and careers in engineering. For us to even begin to hope for this transition, young people need to know what engineering is all about.

To encourage children, and in particular girls, to study the challenging subjects needed to build their problem-solving, analytical, critical thinking and communication skills – all of which form the right basis for further study and a possible career in engineering – we need to show them how these skills can serve them for a lifetime and actually help solve real-world problems right now.

With our innovative Ingenuity Studio engagement programme, we aim to inspire a new passion for engineering as a lifelong career. Our Studios – mobile spaces built from refitted shipping containers and equipped with an array of hi-tech equipment – will bring a genuinely new learning experience to schools, colleges and organisations. Reflecting NMiTE’s unique approach, they will use real world projects to encourage the exploration of ideas, design and making. Find out more here.

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