Planning to Deliver the ‘New’ Engineer for Britain

Planning to Deliver the ‘New’ Engineer for Britain

If demonstrable proof of high level support were needed for our project, we got it recently in spades at the University of Warwick.  Senior engineers from Airbus, JCB, Heineken, Thales, National Instruments and, more locally, Cargill, QinetiQ, Arctic Circle and S & A Produce, joined us for a three day ‘brainstorming’ session.

The three day workshop had three objectives:

  1.  Define the kind of graduates we will deliver.
  2. Agree the teaching and learning that will produce this outcome.
  3. Specify, in broad terms, our ‘learning by doing’ problem solving curriculum.

Chaired by Deborah Jenkins CBE, co-founder of Common Purpose, business joined with leading academics from Bristol, Cranfield, UCL and Warwick, along with distinguished professors from Boston, New York and Vancouver, to thrash out what we needed to do.

Employers and academia broadly agreed on what characteristics they wanted from graduates to enable them to be ‘fit for purpose’ from Day One.  The wish was for graduates who can communicate and understand business priorities – with a customer focus over technical expertise.

The message to us was clear – Be Bold; Dream Big Dreams; Aim High; Set the Vision and don’t be deterred.

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