A new model of engineering higher education


A model new to the UK? Yes.

A model new to the world? NO!

NMiTE is being created by a “collaboratory” of some of the world’s leading higher education institutions to create a unique, powerful, problem-solving and experiential approach to the teaching of engineering. This approach balances sound, high quality technical teaching with learning in design, communications, and humanities. The development of first-rate employability skills will be achieved by students working directly with employers throughout their course of study.

parentsThe NMiTE curriculum is designed to build knowledge enabled by critical thinking, analytical problem-solving, innovation, entrepreneurship, effective communication, work-readiness, business, team and leadership skills that all support rapid employability.

And, we want to bring the passion back to engineering.

Our academic partners are the University of Warwick and Olin College of Engineering in the US.

We’re going to be a totally new kind of university; here to find, equip and empower a generation of engineers to meet tomorrow’s business needs through creativity, design and innovation. Watch this space for news and updates…



Our ongoing activities for 2018 include:

- Work on the new campus

- Development of the new curriculum

- Welcoming our Design Cohort in September

- Seeking employer and community partners