NMiTE Connecting with Schools

NMiTE Connecting with Schools

NMITE Launch at Aylestone SchoolInspiring students of all ages, boys and girls, to think about and get excited by, a possible career in engineering, is central to the aims of NMiTE. So we are pleased to announce the launch of NMiTE Connect, a dedicated initiative aimed at linking schools and businesses and to support teachers and students in the learning of science and engineering subjects.

NMiTE Connect was officially launched at Aylestone School by Norm Augustine, former CEO of Lockheed Martin, and attended by 140 teachers and local businesses. Year six pupils from Francis Xavier School made a wonderful contribution telling the audience why a new University was so important to them and the future of Herefordshire.

We want to inspire young minds and bring science and mathematics to life in the classroom. We want children, particularly at an early age, to see the fun and benefit that can be had with, and from, engineering and technology subjects. Students will see real businesses in action and businesses will get ‘work ready’ students.

As Norm Augustine said: “If we can create students who are passionate about science and engineering, and then use it to change the world we live in, NMiTE will have achieved what it set out to do.”

NMiTE Connect is open to all schools and businesses in Herefordshire. If you would like to get involved, please e mail info@nmite.org.uk or call 01432 371 111.

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