Hereford’s new university is set to “shake-up” an education sector which is looking for a new generation of manufacturing graduates, according to one of the institution’s founders.

Karen Usher, who will be one of the panellists on Insider’s Herefordshire Economic Forum next month, outlined to Insider the plans for Nmite: the new university which could transform the centre of Hereford and its economy.

Nmite (New Model in Technology & Engineering) University is set to open in 2019, initially for a 300 students with plans to grow to about 5,000.  Its £50m start-up is being funded through a mixture of private and public funding.

When up and running the university could have up to five academic buildings and up to 12 for student accommodation transforming the centre of Hereford – the only English cathedral city without a university.

“This sector needs shaking up: universities are good at making replacements for professors, but not so much for the needs of industry,”  said Usher.

“Industry does not need specialists: what it really needs are graduates who are good at managing other engineers, good generalists with a blend of skills who can project manage, communicate, lead and understand the wider scope of manufacturing.

“We have deliberately chosen to specialise in engineering, rather than say become a generalist university offering humanities, because there is a demonstrable shortage there. That’s what businesses, particularly SMEs in the supply chain, are telling us.”

Usher will be one of the keynote panellists at Insider’s Herefordshire Economic Forum, being held on 7 June at The Left Bank in Hereford.

Other confirmed panellists include Martin Hitchen, chief executive of Rehau; Frank Myers, chairman, Hereford Business Board, and Graham Powell, the county’s cabinet member for economy & corporate.

Powell will use the event to exclusively lay out Herefordshire’s economic development vision and framework to help businesses invest in the county

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