New Forum to Link Businesses with Education

New Forum to Link Businesses with Education

linksNMiTE has joined forces with Nigel Griffiths, Head of John Kyrle High School and the Hereford Business Board (HBB) led by Frank Myers MBE to roll out a new initiative in Herefordshire.  Whitecross, Aylestone, and John Masefield Schools have also agreed to collaborate in the new project.

The new Business Forum seeks to develop employers’ awareness of current educational practices and the new accountability framework.  It will identify what employers perceive the skills gap to really be in Herefordshire and actively seek to introduce methods within the curriculum to bridge that gap.

Businesses will visit schools to talk to students about what they are looking for in their business and highlight the importance of skills such as teamwork and communication.

Similarly, schools will send students and staff into businesses to undertake ‘real life’ placements and experience at first hand the demands and needs of the work environment.

Commenting on the initiative, Karen Usher, co-leader of NMiTE, said:  “The shortage of ‘work ready’ graduates has long been a bugbear of industry.  But while they have cited this as a huge problem, and while education has said ‘What can we do to help?’ neither party has actively or constructively actually sought to address the problem.

This forum will ensure businesses in Herefordshire can narrow, if not eliminate, the skills shortages that they are facing and build their business secure in the knowledge that on their door step they have a pipeline of ‘work ready’ students.  For schools, it is a wonderful opportunity to broaden the horizons of their pupils (and staff) and provide a cutting edge, contemporary curriculum to ensure a positive future for their students.”

We are keen to get more schools and businesses involved, so if you are interested, please call the office on 01432 371111 or email

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