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The New Model in Technology & Engineering (NMiTE) aims to secure university status and become Britain’s first wholly new purpose-built university in 40 years. Our role is to radically evolve the way engineering is taught to undergraduates.

Why?  Because Britain’s businesses cannot get sufficient graduates who combine great academic results with the essential leadership, employability and entrepreneurial skills that industry says it needs. 

Our teaching approach, successfully pioneered in America and elsewhere around the globe, is all about solving this problem and ensuring British industry has the right graduates it needs for future success.

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Latest News:

Ingenuity Studio – our innovative engagement programme has launched in Herefordshire

Design Cohort – 25 young people are busy co-creating the future university

Learner recruitment – find out about learning with NMiTE



KEY FACTS – New Model in Technology & Engineering

We aim to be Britain’s first wholly new, purpose built university in 40 years

Our partners include the world leading University of Warwick and Olin College of Engineering (USA)

We are located in the City of Hereford and building our campus is now underway

We will be welcoming our first cohort of students in 2019 and expect to grow to 5,000 learners over a decade

We will specialise in teaching engineering and produce graduate employees equipped with the qualities demanded by today’s engineering employers. The MEng degree will be attained in three (46 weeks) years rather than four and teaching will centre on real-world problem based methods that emphasise teamwork, design, communications, collaboration, inter-disciplinarity, and innovation to develop leadership and entrepreneurial skills as well as high academic standards.