Hereford Times Talking Point – September 2014

Hereford Times Talking Point – September 2014

Passion and commitment to a shared cause are powerful drivers, none more so than amongst the team involved in pushing forward plans for a new university for Herefordshire.

We are fired by a determination to empower Herefordshire to move onwards and upwards, in the interests of everyone who lives here. That is why we are guided by the idea that a new university for Herefordshire should be built in the community, with the community and to the benefit of the community.

The challenges facing Herefordshire are summarized in four numbers:

1,800 – every year, that’s how many of the county’s young people leave for better jobs, better wages or for further education. Sixty per cent don’t return, meaning the county suffers from the absence of the portion of the workforce which could contribute most to our economy.

£387 – the average weekly wage in the county, the lowest in the UK.

5% – our GCSE results are 5% below the England GCSE A* to C average and improving slower than anywhere else.

Zero – Herefordshire is one of only three counties in England not to have a university.

Something must be done! Our vision is for a modern, world-class, independent, not-for-profit university with a curriculum which places Engineering, Mathematics, Science and Technology at its heart – subjects widely identified as the most relevant to the future needs of growing and sustainable economies across the globe. It will make Herefordshire an internationally-recognised centre of learning, create a skilled population capable of carving out sustainable future growth in a global marketplace, and invigorate our county’s economy.

So, join with us – let us know your views and your ideas.

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