Hereford Times Talking Point – October 2014

Hereford Times Talking Point – October 2014

For a bright teenage girl embarking on GCSEs and with a clear talent for the sciences, the world should be full of opportunity…

My friend has such a daughter – clever, ambitious, a bit of a “Tom boy”, now studying engineering at a top university, but frustrated – unclear how her studies relate to the real world, unsure how she’ll use her degree and with no experience of the related workplace. My friend worries about her employability and the student debt she’s racking up.

However, in four years time, girls like her (and intelligent, scientifically-oriented boys as well, of course) will have a unique, world-class opportunity on their doorstep.

Herefordshire’s pioneering Liberal Sciences© university will accept its first 300 undergraduates in September 2017. For us, there is only one critical measure of success . . . visibly different, extraordinarily high quality students and companies that come back to hire them, year after year.

As the call from employers for well-rounded, work-ready, innovative scientists, engineers and technologists becomes louder, students and parents are putting value for money, contact time with teaching staff, topical relevance and the ability to rapidly gain employment high up the list in assessing the right university and course.

With these criteria top of our agenda, we’re establishing a partnership with three Russell Group Universities to develop a specialist university, with an eventual student body of 5000, offering an entirely new approach to Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. What will differentiate our degrees will be the way they are designed with employers, recruitment consultants and professional institutions to give students skills that ensure their global employability. And our collaboration with industrial and other partners will challenge students to find real-world answers to real time-problems. For students, this is motivational; employers like the outcome.

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