Hereford Times Talking Point – November 2014

Hereford Times Talking Point – November 2014

The Age of Information has become the Age of Knowledge – to compete globally
we must use knowledge to help solve the complex problems that surround us and to grasp the huge opportunities that lie ahead.

The education we provide must move with this change. That’s why Herefordshire’s proposed Liberal Sciences© university aims to create a new generation of engineers ˗ pioneers able to move at the pace of this change, to transform mere information into knowledge which they can rapidly apply. Whether it is feeding ourselves, protecting ourselves, building future homes and cities or continuing to harness our ingenuity, we need a new class of talent capable of solving problems and innovating at the pace at which our world and our lives are evolving.

Herefordshire’s specialist engineering university will foster these pioneers – skilled in applying engineering knowledge and related technological sciences and ready to add value in their chosen specialist sector, be it Defence & Security, Specialist Manufacturing, Green Technologies & Services; or Agri Technology.

Our curriculum will feature a year of intense study and practice in a wide range of general principles of engineering before students choose their area of specialisation. Having chosen this focus, in their second year they will study and undertake a related internship. Key to our approach will be close partnerships with employers who are able to provide real world problems for students to address. In their third year, undergraduates will hone their specialist skills by working on a team project delivered by our industry partners.

Alongside core studies, students must complete mandatory coursework in
Social Sciences, and Global Employability and Leadership Skills. Thus will Herefordshire’s new university develop continuous learners, innovators, transformers and leaders uniquely positioned to engage with solving some of the world’s most pressing issues.

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