Hereford Times Talking Point – May 2016

Hereford Times Talking Point – May 2016

We’re bringing together the engineers of today and those of tomorrow to create a future they both want – where employers have an enhanced supply of engineering talent to address the 110,000 annual shortfall and graduates have much better career opportunities.

I have already explained how NMiTE (Herefordshire’s new engineering university) is working with employers to transform the curriculum to deliver world-class, employment-ready engineering graduates. This transformation is what the students we’ve spoken to tell us they want, too. For most, studying at a UK university means taking on a fair amount of debt so they’re after value for money. They want inspirational teaching and lots of contact with professors, not time with teaching assistants. They want to get to grips with how they can apply the knowledge they’ve gained to real world work. And they need to be sure that the degree they come out of university with will give them a better chance of getting a better job.

We know this because we have been talking to sixth form students about their educational aspirations and frustrations for a good few years now. As our work to develop NMiTE continues, we’ll be involving them even more, conducting case studies and focus groups at secondary schools across the region to get a broad spectrum of views. NMiTE, we are determined, will deliver student-led, value-for-money education, measured by successful employment.

We’ll also be recruiting a cohort of about 75 students to work with us as co-developers from autumn 2018. Their role will be to help us test the curriculum and teaching schedule and our new interdisciplinary, problem-based, learning-by-doing teaching methods. What we’re doing is very different; we view our students as partners in all this; we need to be sure our revolutionary approach matches their needs and expectations.

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