Hereford Times Talking Point – March 2015

Hereford Times Talking Point – March 2015

Fantastic news! On March 5th we were finally able to confirm what we have been working towards for so long. The University of Warwick, University of Bristol and Olin College of Engineering in the U.S. have joined with us in Herefordshire to develop the New Model in Technology & Engineering. That’s the working name for the county’s new university that will develop pioneering teaching methods to engage apprentices and undergraduates and prepare them more effectively for the interdisciplinary field of engineering as it has developed in the 21st century.

We are privileged to be working in partnership with two such renowned Russell Group universities and one of the leading engineering colleges in the US and to be benefiting from their expertise and experience. Together we have formed a collaboratory – a mixture of the words collaboration and laboratory; a word chosen deliberately for its associations with an experimental research environment in which scientists work and communicate with each other to design, evaluate and improve systems – in our case to create a transformational system for educating the engineers and technicians of the future.

The collaboratory will also work with partners from industry in four sectors: defence, resources & data security; agri-technology; advanced manufacturing; and green & renewable technologies. It will involve relevant professional societies and will be joined periodically by leaders in education, the professions, business and government with an interest in evolving education to spur the technical innovation needed to take on the nation’s big challenges and capture global opportunities.

The collaboratory will ensure the sustainability of the project, help us achieve the quality we seek, and frame the new degree we intend to award, a Bachelor of Liberal Engineering Science. Learn more about the project at and please let us know if you’d like to be kept informed as the project develops.

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