Hereford Times Talking Point – June 2015

Hereford Times Talking Point – June 2015

Excitement is mounting amongst those of us involved in the pioneering New Model in Technology and Engineering (NMiTE), Hereford’s future university. Early July marks a major milestone in our plans to revolutionise engineering education in the UK, with the gathering together of some of today’s great engineering minds for a three-day workshop, NMiTE Ignite.

Around 50 NMiTE stakeholders and champions will tackle the challenge of how to develop a new, world-class teaching framework which will develop innovative, problem-solving, globally employable engineers ready for the workplace and ready to make a difference in the 21st Century; and one which will attract more high calibre people into the profession, particularly more women.

Sponsored by global technology company ETL Systems Ltd and involving representatives from Herefordshire-based founding manufacturing and engineering companies, plus multi-nationals like Airbus, Dyson, JCB and National Instruments, the facilitated event is hosted by our partner The University of Warwick. Contributing to the process, too, will be members of the Chartered Management Institute, the Royal Academy of Engineering and the Lean Manufacturing Institute, working alongside academics from The University of Warwick and our two other partner universities, The University of Bristol and Olin College of Engineering, Massachusetts. Graduates who are developing careers in engineering and members of the NMiTE project team will also make up the working group – and we are inviting along a few education ‘mavericks’ to bring their own, individual perspective to the proceedings.

This crucially important and long-anticipated event will set out to define the engineer of the 21st Century and to frame a unique and ground-breaking curriculum to educate and deliver that engineer. This will then be at the core of everything NMiTE sets out to accomplish, right here in Herefordshire, to put us at the forefront of engineering education not just nationally, but internationally.

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