Hereford Times Talking Point – December 2014

Hereford Times Talking Point – December 2014

With the end of 2014 in sight, it is encouraging to reflect on the progress we have made this past year towards our vision for a world-class university for Herefordshire, with applied Engineering and related Technologies at its core. From completing the feasibility study, we have now moved into the delivery phase. With each day, we become ever more confident of success in establishing an internationally-recognised centre of learning which will contribute to the local economy, drive educational aspiration and help our businesses and young people take on the challenges of the 21st Century. Excitement is growing about an important announcement we expect to make early in the New Year.

None of our achievements so far would have been possible without the support of a committed group of individuals, educators and businesspeople, determined to improve the future for Herefordshire. I would like to convey my thanks and seasonal good wishes to you all – to our 20+ local volunteers who together have contributed over 8,000 hours of their time; to our educational partners, in the UK and around the world; to our local politicians for their amazing spirit of bipartisan co-operation where this boundary-breaking project is concerned; to the businesses, organisations and individuals who, as members of The Founders’ Fund, have each made a minimum donation of £5,000 to enable the Herefordshire Tertiary Education Trust to retain the breadth of professional expertise required to launch our new Liberal Sciences University.

We are guided by the idea that our pioneering institution should be built in the community, with the community and to the benefit of the community. So I am also taking this opportunity to thank all those who have shown goodwill towards the project. I look forward to your continued support in the New Year.

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