General Project Update

General Project Update

It is a while since our last newsletter, but rest assured behind the scenes the work goes on tirelessly to ensure that NMiTE becomes a reality.

You will see in a separate article that in July we held a highly productive three day workshop with leading representatives from industry, academia and the Royal Academy of Engineering.  This has been turned into an action programme to deliver doors-open in autumn 2018.

We inch closer to an announcement on buildings.  We are very close to acquiring our first piece of real estate and are looking at others.

We have raised over £550,000 in seed corn funding to date, all of which has kindly come from local businesses and individuals.

We liaise closely with Government and have held meetings with Jo Johnson, the minister for University and Science.  As well as central government, we have an active ‘high level’ fund raising team that is targeting high net worth individuals, philanthropists and trusts.  Meanwhile, another team of recently retired CEOs is seeking support from engineering companies, large and small.

A Vice Chancellor/CEO is waiting in the wings to join the project.

We have achieved everything, and more, that we said we would do.  We now need a final push to get us over the ‘funding’ line.

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