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Corporate Partnership Programme

NMiTE is recruiting Corporate Partners to help us design, develop and deliver the talent they need for the future.  Strong corporate partnerships are at the heart of this proposed new university with Partners co-developing the industry sector curriculum, providing real-world classroom problems which underpin teaching and learning, having first access to learners, interns, and participating in NMiTE’s unique industry senior capstone projects.

Membership in the Corporate Partnership Programme requires both a financial and time commitment, but provides partners with unique impact to the NMiTE curriculum as well as scholarships, named faculty posts, and preferential talent access.

If you would like more information on our Corporate Partnership Programme, please contact a member of the project team at 01432 371111 or

We’re aiming to be a totally new kind of university; here to find, equip and empower a generation of engineers to meet tomorrow’s business needs through creativity, design and innovation. Watch this space for news and updates in 2018.


The New Model in Technology & Engineering (NMiTE) is being developed to provide a new model of high-value engineering education specifically designed to provide real-world experience to learners and real-world talent to industry.

donorsNMiTE has spent several years researching and listening to industry, students, and parents.  As a result, every aspect of our development is designed to incorporate global best higher education practices, retain talented educators who will embody the teamwork and professionalism we will expect our students to develop, recruit learners with exceptional problem solving and innovation potential, work closely with industry to design sector-specific curriculum, deliver learning based around real-world problem-solving, and produce exceptional work-ready talent for industry.

We intend to crack the problem of unemployable graduates and to inspire young people to become the life long learners the UK requires to tackle the challenges and opportunities of the world in which they live. This requires an uncompromising commitment to quality and quality comes at a cost. As an independent, not for profit institution, NMiTE is being developed and will operate largely independently from government subsidies. We will be relying on the generosity of people like you who share our conviction that great things can be achieved by a revolutionary, small, global quality, independent new university.

Our ongoing activities for 2018 include:

- Work on the new campus

- Development of the new curriculum

- Welcoming our Design Cohort in September!