Campus master planning is underway!

Just like our curriculum, we’ll be building our city campus from the bottom up – developing new academic buildings and refurbishing historic properties, incorporating the latest technology, establishing our research facility, and designing student accommodation that reflects how NMiTE intends to inspire, collaborate and connect with the community.

Hereford’s centre is intimate. Our campus will be the same.  From one side to the other will be no more than twelve minutes walk. We expect to see redundant shops turned into seminar spaces and old offices with the right floor plans converted into studio/worklabs for no more than 25 students.

NMiTE will be developing an “agile” campus including academic, administrative and all new student accommodation buildings in Hereford City with workshops and incubator units on Hereford’s Enterprise Zone.

Interspersed amongst the existing will be new builds: some clustered in coherent design groups, others singular and iconic. Linking them all together will be a series of designed and landscaped public spaces. When complete we foresee a memorable artery that brings students and visitors from the new transport hub at the rail station to the City Centre, Cathedral and to the banks of the Wye.

campusSustainability will also be at the heart of our campus – as it is at the heart of our curriculum, our partnerships and our operations.  This means putting decision making and development for the long term always before short term wins.  We have already begun our campus master planning process.  Over the coming years, we will seek input from the community on their thoughts about how the campus should develop. 

Architype’s Brief Definition and Design Guide: Engineering Studios

Concepts for our innovative new engineering studio spaces are available to download here.

Please continue to check this location for more information on upcoming master planning activities.