Business Direction – July 2016

Business Direction – July 2016

The July edition of Business Direction, produced by the Chamber of Commerce features the following article:


Another institution promising to radically reshape the way we develop talent will be Hereford University’s NMiTE (New Model in Technology and Engineering), which is due to open in 2019.

NMiTE, Britain’s first purpose-built university in more than 40 years, aims to change the way engineering is taught to undergraduates to provide employers with the leadership, employability and entrepreneurial skills they say they need.

The approach, successfully pioneered in America and elsewhere around the globe, teaches students not just engineering but everything from law and politics so that they have a rounded education.

Karen Usher, the Co-Project Leader, said: “This will be very different and will change the culture of how we teach engineers.

“Employers tell us that undergraduates come to them not only without the ability to apply what they learn from books to real projects but also that they lack employability skills.

“We will teach our students a wide range of subjects so that they can put their work into a wider context, which is what employers are telling us that they want.”

NMiTE, which will have 300 students studying at its city centre campus in its first intake in 2019, will focus on producing talent for the advanced manufacturing, defence, data/security, agri-engineering and sustainable and smart living technology sectors.

Its three-year Masters in Engineering – one less year than current courses – aims not only to produce engineers who will be able to adapt to the workplace but also increase the skills of existing employees with degree & Higher Apprenticeship schemes.

Karen said: “This is a long-term project which will not just meet the needs of employers but also make Herefordshire attractive to companies seeking to set up here because, in addition to the attractions of living and working in Herefordshire, the skilled workforce will already be here.”

Local law firm Lanyon Bowdler has recently become a founding partner in the University and William Morse, Head of the Hereford office, said: “There are some fantastic opportunities in these sectors, which are a real growth area in the UK, and it’s vital that young people are given the right information so they understand what a career in engineering and manufacturing means in 2016. Through the NMiTE scheme we can show that we can create something world class in Hereford which will have an impact on the rest of the world.”

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