About NMiTE

NMiTENew Model in Technology and Engineering – is an initiative backed by government, educators (including the University of Warwick) and industry, to transform engineering education in Britain. Located in Hereford, NMiTE aims to secure university status and become Britain’s first wholly new, purpose built UK university in 40 years.

nmiThe NMiTE project is crucial to Britain’s competitive future. Engineers are key to mastering major world challenges – from sustainable food production to cybersecurity to Artificial Intelligence and more – but the UK is critically short of them.

We don’t have enough engineers; we don’t have enough women engineers; and employers tell us too many of the engineers we do have lack the right skills for the future.

NMiTE is here to change all this, and fast.

We’re going to change how engineering students are selected; we’re going to change how they learn; and we’re going to change how they graduate into employment.

In doing this we’ll be creating a new model of higher education for a new generation. And helping create a brighter future for Britain.

How NMiTE will be different

We will be changing the way engineers are selected by making engineering come alive as the creative, problem-solving and inspiringly worthwhile discipline it is. We’ll be doing this via an ambitious outreach programme to schools and an application process where candidates will impress through their curiosity, ingenuity and passion as much as by a set of starred grades.

We’ll change the way they learn as Elena Rodriguez-Falcon, President & Chief Executive says, ‘you won’t come here to study engineering; you’ll come here to be an engineer.’ Our student engineers will work collaboratively in small groups, on real-world engineering problems set by real-world organisations, mentored by real-world engineers. It’s a unique curriculum model that will enable learners to gain an MEng in three (46-weeks) years and will place learning-by-doing over lectures, and portfolio assessment over exams.

We’ll change the way they graduate into employment
The learning experience of NMiTE is being designed solely to align the skills and talent of our engineers with the needs of employers. Because these needs change as technology does, we will be designing our curriculum to be flexible, and based on progressive results rather than fixed exams. This will develop a mindset that is open to change, and we aim to satisfy that appetite by welcoming our graduates back for reskilling throughout their working lives.




NMiTE is located in Hereford, a beautiful cathedral city on the Welsh Marches in the west of England. We aim that NMiTE will be a major economic asset to the city and county and will serve the Midlands region and the UK’s engineering sector.


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