A new model of engineering higher education

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to help create and build a unique new university?

The New Model in Technology & Engineering (NMiTE) is being created to offer a new model of of world quality, high value engineering education marrying  marrying a specialist engineering curriculum with design, humanities, and employability skills. We’re keen to transform engineering education and create a new generation of highly employable women and men with the engineering savvy, passion, and workplace skills and experience to tackle global problems and grasp the fantastic new opportunities this century has to offer.

Our teaching is reinforced by a new model of interacting with employers. From the day you arrive at NMiTE, you’ll be at the centre of a network of faculty, regional and global businesses, and entrepreneurs who will provide a teaching experience that places real world problem solving at the heart of the classroom and gives you the experience and confidence you’ll need to deliver the products and services that contribute to making this planet and people’s lives better.

NMiTE won’t be for everyone. Our first students recruiting will begin in 2018 for admission in Autumn 2019.

But if you’re convinced you have a contribution to make, if you’re passionate about making the world a better place, whether your A Levels are in Maths, Physics, History or Philosophy, whether you’re a guy or a girl, NMiTE will be the place to make your mark. Our first students recruiting will begin in 2018 for admission in Autumn 2019. We’ll also be looking for student co-developers to help us complete and test run the university courses and operations in 2018 – if you’re interested, click here to learn more and register your interest.

parentsAdmission will require AAB at A-Levels or 38 Points+ IB Diploma or equivalents. Applicants can expect additional requirements to UCAS applications procedures to include specified essays and interviews. All shortlisted candidates will be required to participate in a candidates’ weekend on site in Hereford, giving you a chance to get to know NMiTE and NMiTE a chance to get to know you.

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For Parents: A model new to the UK? Yes. A model new to the world? NO! NMiTE is being created by a “collaboratory” of some of the world’s leading higher education institutions to create a unique, powerful, problem solving and experiential approach to the teaching of engineering. This approach balances sound, high quality technical teaching with learning in design, communications, and humanities and development of first-hand employability skills by working directly with employers throughout a student’s entire course of study.

The NMiTE curriculum is designed to build knowledge enabled by critical thinking, analytical problem solving, innovation, entrepreneurship, effective communication, work readiness, business, team and leadership skills that support rapid employability. And, we want to bring the passion back to engineering. To learn more, read Passioneers.

Our academic partners are the University of Warwick and Olin College of Engineering in the US.

To learn more about our curriculum and academic approach, click here and to follow news about future student enrolment click here.

Read more about what will make this university different in Passioneers