A new model generation of engineers

The New Model in Technology & Engineering (NMiTE) will be quite unlike anywhere else.

For one thing, we see employers as our customers. We’ve listened and are building a wholly new engineering curriculum fit for what you told us is needed. We’re going to teach engineers how to think and work across the engineering disciplines, how to target their skills in specific industries, how to apply what they learn, and how to integrate productively and rapidly into the workplace.

employersA model new to the UK? Yes. A model new to the world? NO! Working with our academic mentor partner Olin College of Engineering and other pathfinder engineering institutions around the globe, NMiTE will adopt a powerful, problem solving and experiential approach to teaching. This approach balances sound, high quality technical understanding with interdisciplinary humanities and social-science knowledge enabled by critical thinking, analytical problem solving, innovation, entrepreneurship, effective communication, work readiness, business, team and leadership skills that support rapid productivity. Our academic partner, University of Warwick, will also ensure the highest quality engineering tuition.

You’ve told us what you need – High quality interdisciplinary engineering education + Critical employability skills => Quickly productive, industry specific, employment-ready graduate engineers.

The opportunity for employers is now: to shape the curriculum and the method of teaching to produce the talent you need; to contribute real problems and projects for students to solve; to participate in teaching, and provide challenging six month internships; to develop bespoke specialist programmes; to partner in NMiTE’s educational eco-system with regional primary & secondary schools and colleges.

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