About NMiTE

At NMiTE we believe that engineering education can be different.

We’re here to unlock the creativity and drive of Britain’s next generation the Passioneers – the designers and builders, problem solvers and innovators who will shape our future.

We’re establishing a new model of high-value engineering education:

nmi• Creating a beacon institution to help address the engineering skills shortage that threatens to hobble the UK’s ability to compete globally.

• With a new approach to learning – based on real-world problem solving and the blending of high quality engineering, design, liberal arts and humanities with communication and employability skills targeted at the growth sectors of the future.

• Located on a new and different type of campus – designed for inspiration, collaboration and a deep connection to the global community.

• And reinforced by an innovation ecosystem of global corporations & SME entrepreneurs, coupled with global universities, not just to invest, but to contribute knowledge and expertise – with New Model students at its centre.

We’re shaping an institution to create and deliver 21st century engineers – catalysts for innovation and change – a new model generation of emotionally intelligent entrepreneurs, innovators, employees and leaders for the future.



NMiTE has assembled an exceptional global partnership to deliver the first wholly new British university in over 40 years and bring the passion back to engineering for a whole new generation.

Short Project Summary Passioneers – Inspiring and Teaching a New Generation of Engineering Talent Advisors